I am developing a website in Joomla! for any friend and I am getting some real trouble obtaining the menu up on and on. All I am searching for is really a simply cascading down menu (it are only 2 levels, Quite simple).

I have got web site going, there is however no menu onto it. I have installed the Extended Menu module, however i can't appear to locate any documentation on how to proceed next?

Can anybody point me to some decent tutorial, or produce some suggestions on how to proceed next? I am at ease with HTML and CSS, it is simply the Joomla! framework that has me lost :(



You've activate this module you installed to appear inside your interface.

Inside your top menu in Joomla's administration, choose "Extensions" > "Module Manager". Look for "Extended Menu Module" or something like that like this. See if the module is enabled, otherwise, enable it by choosing "Yes" in "Enable:" Section.

Now, choose your module "position" in the drop lower menu ("left", "user", etc) in which you think your module ought to be.

Take a look video tutorial that shows how to change a module position.

Thanks, GmonC. The missing bit of the puzzle for me personally was adding this line to my index.php:

<jdoc:include type="modules" ...>