I've got a website that is built on ASP.Internet MVC and located on Home windows server. Now I added your blog particularly wordpress blog. I added this web site only at that particular address http://thedomain.com/blog (nothing like subdomain http://blog.thedomain.com)

I've been told by someone it's good for search engines like google to host under http://thedomain.com/blog instead of http://blog.thedomain.com

1) Is right?

I've another provider (linux based) where usually I host my Wordpress blogs and that i can also add limitless subdomains. I must install the above mentioned stated blog here with this particular provider instead of my home windows based server (where my MVC application resides).

2) how do i host my Wordpress blog at Linux box but nonetheless have the ability to can get on using http://thedomain.com/blog ?

Help me how to get this done or simply throw ideas.

I understand I'm able to install Wordpress on Home windows server too but because of the price concerns I needed to host this on Linux box.

Short answer: you cannot. You could do this some iframe chicanery or some type of rewrite plan, however, you will loose lots of functionality and start trading for trouble. Sorry...

What's great for search engines like google is to possess a good blog with relevant, up-to-date content that individuals really connect to. The domain title stuff is really a red-colored sardines pressed by people that can't really create relevant, up-to-date content so turn to gaming systems to make certain people read their irrelevant stale site.

Damn, which was a rant. Anyhow, should you must host at /blog, there really is not any reason you cannot just give a new Application for your site and host your blog there. It could require a little of config-monkeying however it will work on the finish during the day.

For the initial question:

99.9% of times, if your subfolder works, it's the best option for those parties. Subfolders have the versatility of subdomains (this content CAN, if required, be located on the unique server or completley unique Ip through publish-firewall load balancing) and no disadvantages. Subfolder content will lead straight to how search engines like google (and customers for your matter) see the domain in general. The hyperlink directly into subfolders are thought highly relevant to the domain in general, even though this rule is applicable for a lot of subdomains, the exceptions allow it to be worth staying away from them.

For that second one:

There's no elegant method of doing this. So choose WordPress on same Home windows Server

Thanks Men for the help.