I'm focusing on a Wordpress site that customers can login to making posts. I wish to then add functionality for their posts. Essentially, I wish to supply the ability for that user to make use of reserved figures to assign a category towards the publish.

So, if your user posts "I'm researching #programming", that publish could be designated towards the programming category.

What's the easiest method to do that within the Wordpress world?

Presently I'm picturing a wordpress plugin that runs at that time the publish is built to parse anyone's input after which assign the course. If that's the case, how do you get my wordpress plugin to operate at that time the publish is created? Can there be an API to assign groups to some publish, or must i do this through manual database insertions?

You are on course.

Have a look at WordPress Hooks. You are thinking about the *edit_publish* hook.

Inside a custom callback you are able to parse this content and search for your category hashes. Then use native WordPress functions to question a current category or create a replacement. The majority of the complex logic come in the second part. The relaxation ought to be string manipulation.

This does not always need to be a wordpress plugin. This might reside in your functions.php file of the theme.

Remember, the codex is the friend.