I am helping a buddy learn SQL, and want more databases to assist him have more practice. We've obviously AdventureWorks, Northwind, and Pubs.
Does anybody are conscious of every other SQL databases samples that could be open to download? I understand some sites possess some databases where one can practice queries on the website, however i was searching for something he is able to run in your area.

Here's one known as the Chinook Database. It's scripts for SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer Compact.


When I find more, I'll publish here.

It is way better Idea to produce a database on your own ,Taking sample project say an easy inventory management system after which building tables finally creating then in db ,It might be much practical method to learn then to directly have fun with a ready to use database.

Try installing and posting a few of the free data sets the Census bureau, US Geological Survey, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or any other large data gathering agencies offer free on the internet.

Why don't you make use of a billion record table of all of the elevation points in america? You don't only obtain the practice your DB abilities, you are able to come on world kinds of indexing and gratifaction issues.