I a brand new in Ubuntu and PHP frameworks. I'd browse the book about Yii title "Agile web database integration with yii and php 5".

Which is negligence text:

Yii comes with a simple requirement checking tool. To invoke
the tool and have it verify the requirements for your installation, simply point
your browser to:

I installed yii in /var/www/html/yii directory.

After I attempting to open http://localhost/var/www/html/yii/requirements/index.php I recieve error message: Oops! This link seems to become damaged.

Thank you for any help!

It is dependent on which your Apache server's "webroot" (localhost) is.

In case your webroot is /var/www/html then el chief's answer works:


However your webroot is /var/www you will want to incorporate the html part too:


Essentially "localhost" = /some/path (your Apache webroot), and when you're writing your URL you can easily substitute the 2.

Therefore if "localhost" = /var/www rather than writing http://var/www/index.php you simply write http://localhost/index.php

I really hope this can help you having a greater-level knowledge of what's going on.

Also remember that this book, while useful, appears to possess been rushed to publication. There's many fixes found around the Yii forums. It is best to have a tab open whenever you discover something which does not work or does not appear "right" within the book.

This may help somebody, despite the fact that now you ask , already clarified, since i have had come searching here, despite the fact that the actual problem was different.

I made the dumb mistake of removing the downloaded yii archive in to the www directory and being able to access it through the http://localhost/yii/ URL, but required some time to understand the removed directory has got the build#-release#, and when re-named to simply "yii", things labored. Like I stated, the issue you faced was different, but symptom was somewhat similar.