I'm using WordPress 3.2.1 ,

Page template selection drop lower is missing on Pages (Add,Edit)

wp-admin > Pages >Add New > Page Attributes

I Edit web site Page Default page as below code

Template Name: New Template

But nonetheless web site drop lower no visible , my older version of WordPress it display automatically.

Following may be the screen shot for additional idea enter image description here

This ought to be easy to trobleshoot and fix. The needs for that page template to operate are easy:

Web site needs the page title in the top file like you've proven (the title must be covered with a PHP tag, you most likely just did not add it together with your example bu I wish to make certain you havne't overlooked it):

Template Name: Custom

The 2nd requirement would be that the file is incorporated in the cause of the theme folder.

With individuals two needs in position, it will work. Whether it is not working you nave a couple of possible issues. I list a couple of off the top my mind:

  1. You will need to re-install WordPress in-situation personal files was corrupted throughout your last update.
  2. It is possible someone has changed the Wordpress-Admin layout using customers roles.

That's all I'm able to factor of right now, tell me the way it works out.