Has anybody found a method to result in the ADO.Internet Entity Framework use OLE DB or ODBC data sources? Particularly, I have to use an Access database that for a number of reasons can not be upsized to SQL.

This MSDN page states:

The .Internet Framework includes ADO.Internet companies for immediate access to Microsoft SQL Server (including Entity Framework support), as well as for indirect use of other databases with ODBC and OLE DB motorists (see .Internet Framework Data Companies). For immediate access with other databases, many third-party companies can be found as proven below.

The mention of the "indirect use of other databases" is tantalising however i confess that i'm hopelessly confused by all of the different names for data access technology.

I'm not so sure about using Access with EF particularly, however it does appear possible to make use of linq with access. http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/adodotnetentityframework/thread/985a1048-cf56-4bb0-b664-61fbf4957890