Anybody seen this before?

CREATE DATABASE permission refused in database 'master'. An effort to add a car-named database for file C:Documents and Settings..App_DataHelloWorld.mdf unsuccessful. A database with similar title is available, or specified file can't be opened up, or it's situated on UNC share.

I am asking on the friend's account. I have sent him these links:

Usually the user that you're using to operate the SQL Server service will not need your individual user folders, that's why you are obtaining the error. You can either have to alter the qualifications employed for the service, or slowly move the database to a different folder, which have been effective inside your situation.

For me personally assisted a great deal to set this tag under system.web tag on the internet.config file:

    <identity impersonate="true" userName="admin_user" password="admin_password" />

Hope it will help somebody

I had been stuck about this today with compound problem in mvc3 and entity framework code first.

My SqlExpress install is screwed up (permissions issues) and so i switched to SqlCE.

My ConnectionString.Title attribute did not match my "ProjectNameContext" class title.

Once the connection string is not found, it uses default conventions. Default conventions means my SqlExpress service having a database title like "ProjectNameContext". The permissions are screwed on that and so i got a permissions error on SqlExpress after i thought I had been using SqlSE

Yes, an earlier attachment wasn't unattached correctly, or it had been attached by hand. Use to Management Studio connect with the database, and disconnect the lengthy database title that appears just like a file path. Then repeat the process it will work.

My pal fixed it just by using another directory, namely C:TEMP. It only agreed to be a permissions factor.

I had been also going through exactly the same Problem, finally i've found Solution- SOLUTION -- Is straightforward Move or Reduce your database in the Application_Data folder to the where (e.g., Desktop) then Move or Reduce DataBase to Application_Data folder. That's it..........

Hope it work!