I am trying to make use of the Adobe Flex Apache (2.2) module under Linux came from here - [cde] (the manual install). I've got a perfectly working Apache system, with Ubuntu 8.10 and also the Sun JDK v6 update 10 so setting up this isn't about support tools.

I can not learn how to get this to apache module work.

My http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Flex_Module_for_Apache_and_IIS shows this:


The mod_flex.so is incorporated in the right place.

I've /usr/bin/compiler.sh:

LoadModule flex_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_flex.so
AddHandler flex .mxml

(why on the planet can you hardcode the place of the?). This spend script will get performed (e.g. basically put a #!/bin/sh java -Djava.awt.headless=true -ms128M -mx256M -jar "/home/jamie/Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux/flexc.jar" ${*} 2>&1 , it turns up).

But, it simply returns towards the browser an empty page. Therefore the module does something, it simply ain't doing the work properly.

The compiler configuration file (which I have make the same directory as compiler.sh, because the flexc.jar and because the .mxml file being put together references:

echo "hi!" >> /tmp/log.txt

Now, sometimes I get error output in to the browser - it gripes about the inability to discover the class expensive.localization.ILocalizer.

I have handled to squash that error by editing the manifest in flexc.jar to suggest towards the necessary jar files from the 3 major.. Flex SDK from Adobe (Used to do try to set the CLASSPATH atmosphere variable to suggest towards the necessary jars, but that did not work) Now, my latest error is:

A mistake happened around the server. Server error is: 'Error happened in server thread nested exception is: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: flex2/linker/SimpleMovie'

This turns up inside a nicely formatted "Compilation Results" page within the browser, so clearly now I have got the compiler attempting to compile the mxml, and failing since it is missing mxmlc.jar. Adding mxmlc.jar towards the flexc.jar manifest hasn't assisted this last problem.

Any help appreciated!

After a little searching, I have found one Linux Macromedia Flex on Tomcat-HOWTO, at http://members.cox.net/midian/howto/flex+tomcat.htm It appears really quite simple, from that perspective. Perhaps you have installed Tomcat?