I've got a client that presently utilizes a local Advantage Database on their own PC together with a credit card applicatoin. They are thinking about upscaling their setup to possess multiple programs running interacting having a database server i.e/a customer-server atmosphere.

They are thinking about the very best database with this approach. They're searching in the Advantage Database Server product compared to SQL Server Express(the applying doesn't warrant a complete SQL Server at this time).

Clearly SQL Server is really a more well-known product most likely with increased support however i was wishing you can produce some opinions and ideas on what you believe the very best product could be when it comes to performance, stability and support.

One factor to notice while not directly relevant would be that the application is presently designed in Delphi and there might be a proceed to C# to create it current.

Advertisements wins hands lower. It's maintenance-free. It's very reliable. It's very fast. It's very scalable. SQL is extremely well supported, and also the Advertisements newsgroups are responsive (solutions within hrs rather than days on SQL server fora) and well-informed. I've been using Advertisements since 1991 and contains never gone wrong! My customers are really demanding and also to have the ability to turn round solutions within hrs rather than days, is both a pleasure in my experience along with a business incentive towards the clients and clients. Deployment is gentle, easy and quick. Platform support is preferable to SQL server. 64-bit server deployment develops and it is well-grounded, transparent and reliable. 64-bit customers are arriving the following version (10). My knowledge about Advertisements is wholly positive, whereas my endeavors with SQL server happen to be fraught with difficulties, idiosyncrasies and workrounds!

The migration from the local Advantage Database to some client/server Advantage database is an extremely simple process. It really involves altering the bond qualities inside the program. You will find not one other coding changes that should be done.

Advantage includes a great support team and has been around development for more than fifteen years. The soundness and support are in least comparable to SQL Server.

Advantage offers b .Internet Data Provider which may permit C# development.

I've produced for both SQL Server and Advantage. Both get their benefits and drawbacks (although now I like Advantage).

Given your circumstances, however, this decision seems to become a no-brainer: Advantage Database Server. Why? It's already done!

My Advantage programs run, unmodified, from the same database either in your area or remotely. All I change may be the connection string. I am not to imply that the customer's code will not need to be transformed. I am saying chances are it will be trivial. Compare that towards the greater effort involved with switching to another database engine.

Generally I am a SQL Server person completely. Sometimes with id daily and also have for nearly 10 years, however in your situatuion, it appears silly to think about moving to a different database when there's aclear upgrade road to do what you would like while using after sales you have. It might be a smaller amount work and not as likely introducing new bugs to remain inside the same database family.