I have just installed XAMPP and merely wondering do you know the advantages of running Apache like a service?

-Do not have to start it after each boot. -Should you leave the server continues running.

For a moment make use of the server constantly, place it like a service... Otherwise, just start it when it's needed to help keep the resourses free.

The advantages of something generally (on Home windows) :

  • It may automatic start at System Logon
  • Stop and start not associated with a particular user session
  • Run in Background
  • Can run within special account (LocalSystem, Network Service)
  • From Vista/Server 2008 let's start run in Session (Isolation)

If you are using apache just for developing purpose you are able to avoid to set up it as being service and run it if needed from your user session, inside a production enviroment is extremely suggested to set up and run it as being service ...

One benefit is the fact that when installed like a service is you can limit the rights (sites read/write access, network access, what this means is better security obviously) from the account that runs it (the default may be the LocalSystem account on Home windows, you'll find much more about it here).

So that as admin stated, you may also keep your service running without you being drenched in most time.