I'm to become soon developing numerous websites with dynamic ad models using Google's DFP service. Ideally I wish to develop these web sites using WordPress, I'm wondering if there is any tips or brilliant plug ins to let me show generic ad models and particular ad models on different groups, pages and posts in a few groups?

I want a default generic group of advertisments to look inside a couple of predefined ad slots for instance: 2x MPU, 2x Leaderboard etc..

These have to change based on what category or page you are well on. Exactly the same advertisements have to show on posts which come from it's parent category, exactly the same is applicable for sub-groups and pages with sub-pages.

There appears to become no solution available! Just simple plug ins to stay adsense codes into posts at random it appears..

Easiest way is 'create custom module/plug ins'

This option would be only helpful if you're not using category description anywhere.

you can include you advertisement code in category description, if current category hasn't ADV code then sign in parent category ADV code, continue until root category.

For pages you should use custom area.

There's no Wordpress wordpress plugin that enables different custom HTML to look based on what category the consumer is on.

Please make reference to http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/is_category or request me to create a Wordpress wordpress plugin for you personally.