I'm quite pleased to code out tables manually when creating a database but it is not the simplest method to convey details about a database to another person, especially someone that isn't so comfortable coding the tables using a script and would rather use something such at phpMyAdmin.

Can there be thus a totally free program (that i can utilize it it has to operate on the Mac but you can suggest PC applications for other people with similar Q) or script (ideally in PHP or Python) that enables you to definitely design database structure and can then output whether fundamental diagram or even the code as selected through the user?

Well using the pc you should use MS Visio to make a DB Entity diagram.

It'll even reverse engineer one from a current Database.

A discomfort to create-up the very first time you utilize it, but quite handy after that.

Open System Architect has some potential. Its much like Visio.

I am a large fan of ARGO UML from Tigris.org. Draws nice pictures using standard UML notation. It will some code generation, but mostly Java classes, which is not SQL DDL, to ensure that might not be close enough as to the for you to do.

You can try the Data Modeling Tools list and find out contrary there's much better than Argo UML. Most of the products about this list have the freedom or cheap.

Also, if you are using Eclipse or NetBeans, you will find many design plug-inches, most of which might have the characteristics you are searching for.

You could attempt out MySQL Workbench which originates on view source dbdesigner. There is a free community edition available. You are able to design the database via er-diagrams or reverse engineer a current database.

I personally use the appropriately named Database Design Tool. It's very easy and unfortunatly it's developed anymore, however. It is the best tool I have run into that's free and also at the finish of creating your tables, it creates the T-SQL for you personally. It is also language independent.

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MySQL Work bench is the greatest DB design tool that I have attempted

I usually have loved Eclipse. You will find a few plugins for this that appear to be like they is going to do what you would like.

SchemaBank (an internet-based SaaS vendor) can change your ER design into SQL claims for MySQL and PG. Can't do graphics export yet though. The excellent factor is you don't have to install anything ('cos its browser-based) also it costs practically nothing. You need to have the ability to share your design with other people too.

I am presently looking at SQL Energy Architect (both w/ PostgreSQL and Mysql - it supports other suppliers) also it certainly appears promising. Does both forwards and backwards SQL engineering. The City Edition is free and mix platform (Java). You should check it yourself: http://code.google.com/p/power-architect/

When strictly dealing w/ MySQL to date I have otherwise used MySQL Work bench, http://wb.mysql.com/ which carried out dependably.

SQLDeveloper from Oracle can function with Oracle and MySQL database.