I am using webhost4life hosting that is shared at this time. There is a 99.99% up-time guarantee, but it's certainly not.

Their support continues to be good after i do contact them, but it is simply not stable. The website will go lower randomly occasions for five-ten minutes at any given time.

I understand I am on hosting that is shared, however i was wishing it might be more stable than. My application is not at the stage where it might need devoted hosting yet, when the shared was stable enough.

Any affordable hosting that you could attest to (that supports ASP.Internet MVC)?

To begin with, In my opinion as lengthy as you've ASP.Internet 2. and .Internet Framework 3.5 - that you can do ASP.Internet MVC.

Presuming you is going to do your development in your area with Visual Studio, the only real MVC-specific stuff is going to be placed on the local machine.

I have tried personally this host and I like them: http://serverintellect.com/

  • Simple to contact for support 24/7
  • Everybody you achieve knows insInternet/Home windows
  • They're very flexible - they struggle to create the thing you need
  • Affordable (for hosting that is shared)
  • Really good uptime

Best Of Luck

You are able to host MVC applications on DiscountASP. I have found these phones have excellent bang for that buck.

My website is located by Arvixe as well as their mvc framework option would be fine. Their shared asp.internet website hosting begins from $5 monthly and you will receive limitless mssql 2008 databases free of charge.

Check Arvixe asp.internet website hosting!


The primary problem with hosting that is shared is the fact that other programs installed on a single server can impact your site.

This really is much more apparent if a person includes a classic ASP application on a single server while you because it it much simpler to fireplace off an infinite loop and have a large chunk of CPU, rendering other pages slow or not available.

James is correct in stating that you simply require a host which has 3.5 support because the MVC dll could be submitted for your directory. MS are leaving forcing installs on servers for his or her new projects - so it's not necessary to wait for a webhost to trap up, like we needed to using the ASP.Internet AJAX extensions.

I will not recommend a webhost as, although you will find lots of cheap hosting packages available, no one is able that i can predict the uptime when i avoid using hosting that is shared.

Should you consider virtual hosts a choice then as the second option to EC2 you may decide to try GoGrid which we now have accustomed to deploy iis7 home windows server 2008 images from suppliers:

http://world wide web.gogrid.com

Just like Amazon . com S2 you've got a very stable platform with resilience from clustered hardware.

What about obtaining a $20/month VPS Ubuntu box with Slicehost.com or linode.com and running asp.internet MVC on mono. Has any longer carried this out? I've effectively set up asp.internet MVC with Apache however i just am unsure how stable this is.

world wide web.dailyrazor.com is $5 per month and it has extremely fast support from my experience. Additionally, it includes limitless subdomains, SQL Server databases and lots of bandwidth and disk space. They support paypal monthly subscriptions too that takes the discomfort from getting expired cards and so forth.

You configure your website via Plesk, you'll have to particularly request to have an IIS7 server however, unless of course you're pleased with altering the default MVC configurations for IIS6. I have found their IIS7 servers are much faster though.

Have you consider Amazon's EC2? It's virtually a devoted server that you will get full admin remote desktop privileges to, therefore it should certainly be possible to host your ASP.Internet MVC application there.

John Sheehan designed a screencast regarding how to get ready to go with Home windows Server 2003.

What's left would be to simply configure your IIS - walkthroughs are available throughout, but Phil Haack includes a nice one here.