I upgraded to version 3. and all sorts of was great. Then, I installed the wordpress plugin 'Post Links To'. I observed i quickly could not log out without obtaining a whitened page, I additionally could not update things. A few of the dashboard still labored however it would be a real problem.

Then i erased the wordpress plugin the main problem continued to be.

The strangest factor is, basically change theme, or remove from my functions.php within the theme I would like, it really works again.

I made the theme on 2.9 and in addition it labored in 3. before that wordpress plugin.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


EDIT: this is actually the paste bin: http://pastebin.com/GMpPEm4T

Stop opening and closing the PHP brackets. The newlines are now being echoed towards the browser, delivering the headers way before WordPress is prepared. Here is a pastebin that will work:


General guideline: never close PHP in the center of the file unless of course you are in the function declaration or perhaps a conditional.

remove any whitespace within the file.