On my small development machine everything works fine. Around the live server (Godaddy), the AJAX demands from BuddyPress are coming back results along with a 404 error in FireBug. However the script is seeing the outcomes like a fail and also the indications still spin.

Example: http://jobaru.com/ around the home page there's Latest Active Popular under memebers while using AJAX along with the letters around the groups page.

A Few Things I have attempted: Double checked the file was really there first, checked permissions to have the ability to read. Did a brand new install.

Any applying for grants why it might return 404 header and valid response?

I'm not sure why it returns 404, but try adding this type of code to /wordpress-content/plug ins/buddypress/british petroleum-core/british petroleum-core-ajax-handler.php before do_action()

status_header( 200 );

I am managing a heavily modified version of BuddyPress 1. RC1, and intercept the ajax posts in british petroleum-custom.php, but setting the status header within the custom file before Used to do my very own logic labored all right for me personally.

This appears like it is something with GoDaddy, knowing because of your comments. Before you hear back using their support, I'd customize the AJAX script to disregard the 404 error for your particular request.

I am considering the AJAX response, also it appears like rather than pure HTML it's coming back, it's this at the start: [[SPLIT]] along with a zero in the finish. Could this have something related to it?

make certain you already added the mistake handler for that ajax fail (error)? attempt to hide the spin indicator first to determine the result happening.

FWIW, I've come across the identical trouble with JSON-formatted replies included in a WordPress wordpress plugin when located at GoDaddy.com. The JSON answers are sent properly, however the HTTP response includes a status code of 404.

I'm fairly believing that this can be a trouble with their Apache header/designs, and I'll be attempting to get hold of their tech support (wish me luck) so that they can arrive at the bottom of the.

I'll publish here basically obtain a response back from their store.

I had been obtaining the 404 response error while having fun with Country city dropdown menu using AJAX and also the problem was

<select name="lm_country" id="lm_coutry" 

I Quickly gave an entire url as listed hereunder-

<select name="lm_country" id="lm_coutry"