I installed a Wordpress website and that i use LeagueManager wordpress plugin for soccer groups/ratings/results. Now, i'm attempting to convert the outcomes page to livescore page. How? Using the following way:

LeagueManager includes a shortcode for match day. For instance [matches league=1 match_day=8] To create an autorefreshing page i produced 2 pages. Page one (private) consists of the above mentioned shortcode and also the second one (public) consists of the div that ajax code auto-refresh!

This is actually the AJAX Code.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.0/jquery.min.js"></script>
setInterval( function() {
    $('div#livescores').load('http://www.ismood.com/dinataathlitika.gr/live #live');
}, 5000);

I wish to understand how i'm able to provide a bold format to last changes of recent results for one refresh period. For instance:

First Refresh:

Team A-Team B 0-0

Team C-Team D 0-0

Second Refresh (after 30sec):

Team A-Team B 1-0 (bold here)

Team C-Team D 0-0

Third Refresh (after 30sec):

Team A-Team B 1-0

Team C-Team D 0-0

When i can understand, this is obligated to locate how you can seperate match per match in order to edit edit design for each row however i dont understand how to get it done :(

Thanks all

I'd recommend doing a bit more focus on the customer-side to ensure that you are able to keep scores for every game in JavaScript variables, then you may compare the recently retrieved game scores using the ones collected formerly, and bold any lines that represent a game title score that's not the same as the final one collected. You would need to build the HTML content around the client side when upgrading.