On my small laptop I've an application which makes 7 AJAX GET demands to some single PHP script at comparable time (nanosecond difference). All of them return effectively using the result I would like.

I Quickly moved this script to some server (Home windows Server) running Apache and PHP. However, this method dangles after i result in the same 7 AJAX demands. However, basically make each request individually they all return effective! Something does not want me to complete all 7.

Why happening? What configuration variables within the PHP.ini and httpd.conf can one search for to determine which this really is?


I believe the issue may be around the browser-side.

Most browsers possess a 2 concurrent connections limit when speaking towards the same server.

Whenever you moved the application towards the server, the additional latency may have overlapped your AJAX demands, which on localhost had been offered in quick succession.

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The server could have a throttler in position to help keep excessive demands from arriving too rapidly.

Maybe your Apache configuration limits the amount of concurrent connections in the same IP, as well as Home windows. What version of Home windows could it be? What type of Apache installation, Stand alone or as part of XAMPP?