There exists a website in which the user needs to enter bets into a number of textboxes around the page. The moment confirmed textbox manages to lose focus, the server is up-to-date via ajax. Actually, we use ajaxq to prevent making several update at any given time. Each request is 20-30 bytes. Sometimes, it requires less than 400ms to accomplish the update. It sometimes takes a lot more than 6s (this really is from the moment the request is created before the fact is given and it has nothing related to other demands). Based on Firebug's network monitor, the queue is operating not surprisingly. Also, inside a development atmosphere while using Django test server, we don't observe such lengthy delays. So, we believe it comes down lower to Apache or even the host (i.e., Webfaction). We are hopeful it is the former. Thanks ahead of time for just about any assistance.