I enqueued the script through WordPress and checked the origin, the JS file is just incorporated once. Using Firebug, I observe that the Publish is just sent once. Using Console.log(response), it shows just the single result.

It's outputting my results two times within the HTML though! What shall we be held doing wrong?

    var srch_data = $('#cpnsrch').val();
    if(srch_data.length > 2){
                'action' : 'search-coupon',
                'data' : srch_data
            }, function(resp){
                if( resp != $('#list-coupons tbody').html() ){
                    $('#list-coupons tbody').html(resp);
                return true;
            }, 'text');  

I am baffled and should not think about every other causes.

Here's the site if that helps any.



edit: Oops, sorry for individuals that visited the hyperlink. I'd it set so only drenched in customers often see the page. It will work with anybody now.

The problem is by using your <tbody> closing tag - you've another opening rather than </tbody>