We are within the throws of redecorating a screen from "old-styleInch edit and submit, to AJAXy style with auto saving every couple of seconds.

The end result is going to be a lot more, but way more compact server/db round outings. For instance like a user edits a textarea area, we'll autosave their changes every a minute via AJAX. Presently they'd update a number of such fields after which submit the entire page, and also the whole page would reload.

We are carrying this out to create the page much snappier for that user - an apparent utilization of AJAX. But have individuals experienced server/db performance the process of moving for an approach such as this? Exist issues it might be good to understand upfront from the server/db roundtrip perspective?


I pointed out this problem in this answer relevant to DWR (a Java AJAX framework).

AJAX is sexy with what it provides. You'll (probably) have more data round-stumbling (when it comes to individual demands/reactions). Make an effort to to watchOrcalculate this, and discover what is essential to make use of within an AJAX context, and just how costly the round-stumbling is (in network and CPU terms). As is available recognized, this can impact your server processes and also the backing databases.

You might find caching is needed for a number of data types, or some data is just too costly to retrieve in the POV of the AJAX infrastructure. You are able to cache in the server finish and (or course) in the site itself.

I have seen client sites implement substantial levels of AJAX-enabled webpages, only to need to restrict it or roll it back, because of the unforeseen effect on the rear-finish. After some awareness plus some effort in monitoring the impact this could frequently be prevented, or at best understood ahead of time and mitigated properly.

I have not encounter performance issues allowing the machine, as opposed to the user, decide when it's appropriate in order to save something to some database.

I would imagine some issues of information integrity, but I'm guessing individuals aren't vital that you you.