I am trying to puzzle out the easiest method to implement an AJAX-y slider around the user interface of the WordPress widget. Since the sidebar admin is AJAX, I wish to make certain that my solution does not conflict with what's already in position. The aim of the slider would be to default to fundamental options but permit the user to opt-directly into advanced options. The best way to do that w/o AJAX is to achieve the user choose a choice, hit save money on the widget, hit save money on the sidebar, after which reload the widget (a lot of options, IMO).

Any ideas? Thanks!

When I comprehend it, you are worried that you simply JavaScript code for that "AJAX-y slider" may have some type of conflicts using the existing code.

Are you currently worried that the function names might conflict with individuals from the existing code? Well, I'd advise a closure-style object. Here's a good example:

var myobjectname = (function() {
  var a_possible_conflict_variable = 42;

  function a_possible_conflict_function() {
    return "hello!";

  return { confvar: a_possible_conflict_variable,
           confmethod: a_possible_conflict_function };

And you only have to be worried about conflicting myobjectname with existing code. Just choose something they're unlikely to select. After that you can access the variables and processes using that object:

myobjectname.confvar // 42
myobjectname.confmethod() // "hello!"