I'm using Wordpress with this design portfolio website: http://onomadesign.com/wordpress/identity-design/shleppers-moving-storage/

Now, about this single.php page, you can observe the pictures around the right which connect to each different publish. What I must accomplish would be that the thumbnail navigation with scrollbar, stays within the same position when individuals click someone to notice a project. The whole page refreshes, to ensure that the scrollbar is seen in the top again. I'm not going that.

So, I believe I must 'ajax' some stuff, right? Preferrably using jQuery, because I personally use that library with the website allready. Can One make that div around the right affiliate with the pictures to not refresh as the relaxation from the page does? Or fetch the only posts to ensure that it 'ajax refreshes'?

I really hope I made myself obvious, thanks ahead of time for just about any help!


Make the entire left side of the page refresh whenever you click among the links. This will happen to be taken into consideration whenever you began to create the page, to implement it at this time can be quite hacky as you would expect.

Anyways, the easiest option would be this:

  • Capture the thumbnail's click event
  • Rather than redirecting the browser towards the URL it indicates, fetch that URL by AJAX
  • Obtain the current side bar in a variety
  • Replace the sidebar from the new page using the sidebar from the current page
  • Replace the present DOM using the DOM from the new page

This really is not even close to optimal &ndash it's very heavy to change the DOM in by doing this also it might lead to strange things happening using the relaxation from the code (cufón not firing, etc) but it is the easiest to implement. It really does the alternative of the items AJAX should really do: this brings whole content and 'keeps' only on block, whereas normally AJAX can be used to fetch only more compact blocks at any given time.

To get it done correctly, you should possess a page which has only this content you have to update, then you'd fetch that content and just replace part of your page. If that is possible, that might be what you want.

If you wish to try the very first method, I can provide you with the code for your. Allow me to read your comments.