I've been focusing on some custom shared Internet calendar software. I presently possess a webdav server setup using apache and my software (using python) and at this time it really works great with Thunderbird and also the Lightning wordpress plugin, I'm able to sign up for an icalendar and edit occasions quickly and easily. However I have encounter a snag with Outlook 2007. I'm able to presently read an icalendar however it sets that calendar in Outlook 2007 to see only. Doing a bit of searching I have run into some findings stating that establishing some webdav server stuff on the Home windows machine I'm able to obtain the machine to inform Outlook 2007 the calendar could be editted too (essentially switch off the read only and permit that icalendar to become released). I am presently attempting to set the server up to utilize but thought I would request To accelerate my research a little.

My question essentially is, can there be some header information or something like that else will be able to submit my response to Outlook to allow it know an online calendar has write privaleges? I understand generally it's controlled through the client whether an icalendar could be written to since i have can read the calendars all right in Thunderbird.

Furthermore, I've heard this read/write trouble with Internet calendars happen to be solved in Outlook 2010 but improving to that's no option.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 appears to possess no capability to allow conntacting an online Calendar. Icalendars are going to read only. You are able to create a calendar to some webdav to produce your personal icalendar but that calendar (inside your Outlook '07) would not update if another person would in some way edit that calendar (around the server). It might always just overwrite it if this constitutes a 'PUT' towards the server.