I've got a site www.abc.domain.com, I protected it with .htpasswd. Now I've other www.domainname.com that consists of personal files callback.php, it demands to www.abc.domain.com. How do you write .htaccess apply for both safeguarding www.abc.domain.com &lifier allow file *.php from outdoors to gain access to this secure folder? I've many callback.php online, in almost any domain, any hosting.


Modify your callback scripts to gain access to the domain using the qualifications.

Another smart way is always to disable the security for that Insolvency practitioners from the other hosts.

You need to have a careful take a look at apache auth tutorials and documentation.

You are most likely likely to use [cde] and add listing of known hosts.

Additionally you may use [cde] or [cde] and make block such as this:

Satisfy Any

(I am unsure whether this works, please tell me inside a comment)