I operate a wordpress blog. I would like my blog to be shown just for individuals customers who originate from a specific website only. Other customers who type Link to my blog within the browser shouldn't have the ability to access my blog.

The concept behind putting that restriction is the fact that only registered customers of this particular website can access your blog. There'd a hyperlink of my blog on that specific website, which only registered customers can easily see, click and access.

And both sites i.e. that specific website and my wordpress blog are located on a single server.

I'm using following code in wordpress .htaccess file.

<Files index.php>
order allow,deny
allow from abcd.com/moodle
deny from all

facing: Internal Server Error

Searching forward to obtain a prompt reply.

Thanks ahead of time!

Regards, Dinesh

If you wish to look into the referer, this can be used :

SetEnvIfNoCase Referer "^http://abcd\.com/moodle" checkreferer
Order deny,allow
Allow from env=checkreferer
Deny from all

You may also use mod_rewrite having a RewriteCond around the referer.

And remember that referer could be photoshopped.