Presently within the Wordpress-ADMIN the Customers Table show info like Gravatar, Title, Email, Role and Posts. How do i alter this table to show other info like Phone, Company, etc?

PS: These metadata infos already is available and therefore are displayed after i click a person however i would like it to be shown within the table too.

You are most likely going to need to by hand rewrite the html table in wordpress-admin/customers.php as presently it's created with an object which does not retain the User's meta data.

You'd have to access the meta data while using function get_user_meta:

<?php get_user_meta($user_id, $key, $single); ?>

Bear in mind, altering this is not a good idea as it might break the next time you upgrade Wordpress.

I believe it's easier to make your own wordpress plugin and make up a table using the important information and connect these to a person_id