I wish to perform a sitemap for this site, I made use of in wp_list_pages however the function helped me only <ul> and <li> tags.

I wish to define title with h2 tag and sub pages in h3 tag how do i get it done?


you may give these an attempt:

1 have a look at the CSS and customize the class "pagenav".

or, and it may be better,

2 produce a filter, which modifies your layout, and hook it into "wordpress_list_pages"

I want to see this:

Automatically, wordpress_list_pages() creates a nested, unordered listing of WordPress Pages produced using the Write > Page admin panel. You are able to take away the outermost item (li.pagenav) and list (ul) by setting the title_li parameter for an empty string.

Thought it was on: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_list_pages underneath the "Markup and styling of page products" section.

I really hope it will help.