I've installed Bugzilla with Apache on the Home windows machine. The Bugzilla web application is placed to http://localhost but i must move it to http://localhost/bugzilla . I believe the Apache server should have a configuration file somewhere however i haven't much knowledge about it. Anybody had this issue?

You do not always have to reconfigure Apache, but here's the way you would get it done:


That which you need to change may be the urlbase parameter that informs Bugzilla how you can form links with other pages. Yours is most likely set to http://localhost/ at the moment you most likely would like it to be http://localhost/bugzilla/.

See http://www.bugzilla.org/docs/4.0/en/html/parameters.html for what you could configure.

If you cannot get Bugzilla to load whatsoever, search for personal files title params.pl and alter the need for urlbase by hand. You noramally s