My WordPress theme Lumin won't permit the footer widget to exhibit around the index page and so i went in to the editor and replicated and copied and pasted the footer code, ok that's fine. I discovered that certain from the links that's within the 'Links' widget within the footer widget isn't pointing right page and so i transformed it within the footer.php file also it only up-to-date the footer on my small primary page.

The relaxation of my pages continue to be going from the footer widget, not the footer.php file. I made use of Firebug to obtain the code which i required to change footer.php to ensure that was easy, however I can not determine in which the code from the actual widget is to ensure that I'm able to update that certain link.

I've attempted upgrading all of the files within the editor where it states <? php get_footer(); ?> and changing it using the actual footer html I acquired from firebug and absolutely nothing is going on on any one of my pages.

My WordPress website is if you wish to take a look yourself. It's that first footer that states Contributors....the second link for FX Market Commentary. I want it to suggest to as well as on every page, however the index, it indicates www.cmegroup.comcommentary-fx.rss

Any ideas?

Within the Wordpress plugin for FeedWordPress, I wrecked the Syndication link around the left menu from the site's dashboard. I situated the Feed which had the wrong webpage and situated it's Feed Information. I transformed the Home page towards the correct link and also the footer links happen to be up-to-date towards the correct information. Appreciate the assistance!