I've an Apache web server, but automatically display_errors is placed to '0'

I'm able to change that by hand on my small site with ini_set however i want this to effect my sites, without having to put that on every page.

How do i log into my server and alter a directive?

Regarding how to sign in for your server and alter the setting directly within the php.ini: Request your hoster. Nobody will help you with this. They frequently give a page, where one can change some configurations.

However, you may alter the setting via .htaccess

php_flag display_errors on

This really is only suggested for development conditions. Test out your programs local and this is not on your live server.

And So I determined you are able to SHH in to the server, visit the root dir, after which open etc/php.ini and alter "display_errors = Off" to "display_errors = On"