I've two folders for the site. There's the primary www.mysite.com site that is in your own homeOrpersonOrcommunity_html after which I've got a sub domain -> dev.mysite.com for that latest under development version from the site at /home/user/dev_html

Maybe due to idleness previously when moving the brand new site towards the primary directory, I've just supported the present site, downloaded it via ftp, removed the website files after which submitted the brand new site. However, ftp is really slow and hard to rely on that this can be a absurdly slow and error prone method of doing the work - specifically for large sites.

So I believed of just signing in via ssh after which moving all of the files from public_html after which copying the brand new files from dev_html however it struck me. Can't I simply alter the title from the public_html folder to something similar to public_html_old after which change dev_html to public_html? Will Apache go mental basically do that?

Forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question.

That which you propose is okay. Actually, it can be done in a single line in the CLI.

mv public_html public_html_old && mv dev_html public_html

You may also try the next...

Produce a symbolic link to the present primary site, eg (presuming the present site resides inside a v1_html directory)

ln -s v1_html public_html

Then, to change document roots...

rm public_html && ln -s v2_html public_html

If you're able to access the server in SSH, you should use cp command copying your directory files to public_html or relabel the folder while you recommended.

Make sure to steer clear of the Apache service first.