I presently possess a Google map that geocodes multiple markers quickly but thought it was was rapidly striking the geocode limit.

Being an initial deal with I set a period delay in between each geocode request. This demonstrated insufficient as you've to hold back X quantity of seconds/minutes for this to geocode each marker, meaning the markers aren't plotted instantly.

Then i attempted Google Fusion Tables which plotted all of the markers instantly but demonstrated difficult when controling real-time data. There appears not a way for this to utilize my Wordpress database therefore it is getting the actual time data. (or atleast I can not find any good examples it does).

Do you know the other options to staying away from the geocode limit? Can anybody point me within the right direction.

My needs are:

  1. Markers have to be plotted instantly (or at best with minimum waiting time).
  2. Needs to utilize my Wordpress data.
  3. Data must be real-time i.e when something is edited/up-to-date in Wordpress the modification must filter right through to the map data.
  4. Data from Wordpress must be obfuscated or at best nearly impossible to find your hands on.

Without learning more about what you are geocoding, and why, have you thought about caching the outcomes in your server? If you are making many demands for the similar address, it does not seem sensible down the sink the API calls again and again again.

You would need to setup a PHP script like a proxy, lookup the address inside a cache table inside your database, and when it is available, return the worthiness in the DB. Whether it does not is available, result in the API call, keep leads to your DB, then return the geocoded information.

If each request is perfect for another address, and also you seldom geocode exactly the same address more often than once, than the is not the answer for you personally.