Finances a database structure, but it's the dwelling without normalization and incredibly confused and looking for change, but already includes a large amount of saved data, for instance, all financial data company, which finance department authorities fear so much losing. We're undecided about remodeling the whole structure from the database and retrieve probably the most fundamental and all sorts of that's possible, or follow the same model together with their problems.

I question if a person makes a big change such as this, if you're able to really transfer the information to a different structure.

thanks Marco Bueno

Before you decide to inflict factor I'd BACKUP!!! Next I'd produce a new database using the ideas you had in your mind. Don't forget this is counseled me the actual work ought to be once this really is produced it's hard to return. Put lots of thought in making the look a industry standard tiger to the style of your organization. Next create some methods to change the information you've within the new database as you can see fit. It might help should you pointed out the woking platform(s) you're using and mabey provide some generic good examples

I've discovered SSIS packages work nicely for projects such as this if you work with SQLSERVER. While you will have to still write your transforms the packages result in the work simpler for other people to determine what's happening

Anything can be achieved on your part the developer. Nevertheless it will make business sense to look at various third party tools. You will find many available and based on exactly your work you might take advantage of doing a bit of research

I'd exactly the same problem, generate an income solved this really is by re-design a brand new database, i quickly designed a script that copies the information in the old schema towards the brand new one. It isn't always easy since you need to consider proper care of what you're copying in the old model towards the brand new one but it is possible!

Yes, it's known as "database conversion". It is a type of practice, but it should be done carefully and systematically, ideally by somebody who has done most of them and knows the issues. It's not to become done delicately at all. Furthermore, it's not unusual within the financial sector to operate the "old system" in parallel using the new system for a few several weeks, to reconcile month-finish reviews, before saying goodbye towards the old system. Running parallel is really a PITA, and only works if all the conversion programs have established yourself, but it is better safe than sorry once the amounts should be correct towards the cent.

absolutely you are able to migrate the information for an new structure. The question for you is 'how difficult (costly/time intensiveOrdependable) will the migration be?' To reply to that question one would need to know

  1. The precision from the existing data - is there gaps, duplication that disagrees with one another with no method to resolve, errors, etc.
  2. What structure would you imagine likely to and it is this likely to introduce complexity towards the migration
  3. the level of skill of the individualOrgroup doing the migration
  4. How lengthy the migration will require and can the platforms be altering (either the live system being modified or even the new system design altering)