Wondering exactly what the bit of code I'm able to use to alter the feel of my sidebar for instance how "groups" "tag clouds" and thus put themselves in boxes? At this time most of them flush using the box (right), continues to be the middle but it wasn't pretty. Doesn't own any idea what it may be to alter, it is incorporated in the style sheet or perhaps in the sidebar for instance?

By using this theme: http://wp-themes.com/colors/?TB_iframe=true

have examined with padding such as this: .widget

but with no success.

Suggestions how I'm able to fix this? I'm a noob in this is not so proficient at British but try it out anyway. )


     Sidebar Styles
====================================================================================================  ========================================
#sidebarLayout {width:228px; float:left; margin-left:15px; margin-top:1px;}
.widget { margin-bottom:12px;}
.wdTitle {height:38px; width:228px; background:url(layout/wdTitleBg.png);}
.wdTitle h2 {color:#FFFFFF; font-size:10pt; font-weight:400; line-height:34px; margin-left:15px;}
.wdContent {background:#e1e5e7; width:227px; margin-left:1px; padding-bottom:30px; padding-top:3px;
.wdContent li:hover {no-repeat;}
.wdContent li {line-height:15px; height:35px; padding-left:25px; margin:1.5px 0px;}
.wdContent ul li ul { display:none; }
.wdFooter {height:4px; background:url(layout/wdFooterBg.png); width:227px; margin-left:1px;}
.wicon {width:34px; height:24px; background:url(layout/widgetIcon.png) no-repeat; float:left; margin-right:2px;}


    <div id="sidebarLayout">

<div class="widget">
 <div class="wdTitle">
 <div class="wdContent">
  <div class="icon" id="searchIcon"></div>
   <?php get_search_form(); ?>
 <div class="wdFooter"><!-- .wdFooter for design only --></div>

<!-- <?php if ( function_exists('wp_tag_cloud') ) : ?>
<div class="widget">
 <div class="wdTitle">
 <div class="wdContent">
   <div id="etikettmoln">
    <?php $tags = wp_tag_cloud('orderby=count&order=RAND'); ?>
 <div class="wdFooter"></div>
<?php endif; ?> -->

 <?php if(!function_exists("dynamic_sidebar") || ! dynamic_sidebar('sidebar')) : ?><?php endif;?>

I personally use Wordpress for individuals individuals who didn't comprehend it.

Thank you for any help!

To alter what your theme appears like, you have to customize the style.css file within the theme's directory.

I'd add

.wdContent > div

towards the style.css file inside your theme directory and it'll put a 5px border round your cloud.

You could also discover the line that reads


and alter the padding-bottom to 3px such as the padding-top

I my view individuals changes will improve things a little.