I'd completed my project Address Book in Java core, by which my information is saved in database (MySql).

I'm facing an issue that after i run my program on other computer than tere is the advantages of creating the opening database again.

So please let me know what other for storing my data without needing any database software like mysql, sql etc.

You should use an in-memory database for example HSQLDB, Derby (a.k.a JavaDB), H2, ..

All individuals can run with no additional software installation and can be created to do something like yet another library.

I recommend utilizing an embeddable, lightweight database for example SQLite. Take a look. In the features page (underneath the section Recommended Ways To Use SQLite):

Application Extendable. Instead of using fopen() to create XML or some proprietary format into disk files utilized by the application, make use of an SQLite database rather. You'll avoid needing to write and trobleshoot and fix a parser, your computer data could be more easily accessible and mix-platform, and your updates is going to be transactional.

The entire reason for StackOverflow was to ensure that you wouldn't need to email around questions/solutions :)

You can store data inside a filesystem, memory (use serialisation etc) that are simple options to DB. You may also use HSQLDB which may be run completely in memory

Should you information is not too large, you can utilize simple txt file and store my way through it. Then load it in memory. But this can result in altering how you modify/query data.

Database software like mysql, sql etc offers an abstraction when it comes to implementation effort. If you want to prevent utilizing the same, you are able to think about getting your personal database like XML or flat files. XML continues to be a better option as XML parsers or handlers can be found. Putting your computer data inside your customised database/flat files won't be workable over time.

Why not explore sqlite? It's file based, means you don't have to do the installation individually but still you will find the standard SQL to retrieve or communicate with the information? I believe, sqlite is a better option.

in case your issue is creating the schema (creating the tables, indexes, foreign key relasionships etc) than try something similar to hibernate. hibernate is definitely an Object-Relational-Mapping (ORM) library that "hides" SQL of your stuff - so far as youre concerned youre like magic saving your objects and locating them. it depends on annotations you provide in your data classes. hibernate could be set up to produce the right tables whether it finds out they're missing (like the very first time you take the application following a clean install)

Only use a prevayler (.org). Faster and much easier than utilizing a database.

I suppose out of your question that you would like some type of persistent storage towards the local file system from the machine the application operates on. Additionally to that particular, you have to choose the way the data inside your application will be used, and also the amount of it. Do you want a database? Will you be searching the information different fields? Do you want a question language? May be the data sufficiently small to suit in a simple data structure in memory? How resilient must it be? The solutions to these kinds of questions can help result in the right decision of storage. Maybe you just need an easy CSV file, XML or similar. You will find a number of lightweight databases for example SQLite, Berkelely DB, JavaDB etc - but whether you'll need the energy of the database can be your needs.

An outlet that I am utilizing a lot nowadays is Neo4j. It is a graph database and isn't only simple to use but additionally is totally in Java and it is embedded. I much prefer it to some SQL alternative.