I am searching in the Amazon . com EC for any small Linux hosting setup as high as twelve site which i want decent performance for standard PHP/MySQL sites. I'd like opinions concerning the value-for-money of Amazon's service when thinking about:

  1. speed of response/page load ...
  2. cost ...
  3. easy setup/maintenance...

... compared to other similar listed Linux VPS hosting configurations.

I realize scalability is really a large bonus with Amazon . com, but I am interested in the above mentioned 3 factors.

Amazon . com EC2 / cloud is mainly relevant if you want on-demand, scalable infrastructure. Your analysis appears to become much more of a "what's within the box" query, that is more highly relevant to a VPS versus. VPS analysis.

Consider you request:

1) Speed: It's a little like asking how lengthy is a bit of string... Do you enjoy IO, BW, inter-server comms etc.? Anyway, with EC2 you're having to pay for any box that's as huge as you'll need. So theoretically any issues with the physical speed from the box could be alleviated just by obtaining bigger EC2 hardware.

2) Cost: Associated with item # 1. Require a really large box and you will be having to pay several dollars each hour. We really operate a relatively large business only using the 'Small' box instances, which ended up costing about 10 cents/hr. Generally EC2 could have a greater annual cost than the usual fixed term VPS lease (making sense, cause EC2 is all about on-demand infrastructure and never fixed infrastructure).

3) Setup: My own opinion is the fact that EC2 could be a challenge to get accustomed to on first contact. This may also require some understand of security (pub/priv secrets) and scripting. But when understood, it's really quite a neat infrastructure to make use of and keep.

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