I don't have technical knowledge of this problem and so i warn of my lack of knowledge. I've hired a third party to build up my application company I outsourced it. They've frustrated me to no finish by saying yes to have the ability to host on Amazon . com ec2, but finish up not to really make it work.

I'm using wowza for ec2 and s3. The problems that I've been seeing happen to be permission refused problems. We now have ubuntu, We are attempting to install Light server and run public DNS around the instance. We now have setup a SSH too.

I discovered the elastic IP from the instance we're running and visited godaddy domain manager and used that. I figured that will work - pointing the domain towards the instance. Must i alter the nameservers on godaddy side too? where would I find the correct ones?

I have little server side understanding. I am sure its only a simple change of the type of code to another user title or id number. I simply need somebody who has carried this out before, that helped me to, I'll bring in help to repair this problem. Assist me to please.

Thanks everybody!

you need to point your domain for your elastic ip of the EC2 instance. Do this where you host your DNS server. Without having one, you are able to alter the configurations within the godaddy account to suggest for your DNS service.