I produced a case to host my wordpress blog. I designed a keypair, converted it using PuTTY Gen to ensure that it might use winscp.

My security group that's connected with my instance has:

ICMP Allow All
TCP -65535
TCP 22 (SSH)
UDP -65535

I'm managing a Bitnami-Wordpress 3.2.1- Ubuntu AMI

My Real question is: How do you host an easy file on my small instance?

UPDATE: and so i could login using SFTP simply by filling out my instance Public DNS as my host, and also the PuTTY Gen key because the private key, the username I needed to use was Bitnami. Now I have the server, how or where will i put personal files to ensure that it'll emerge www.mywebsite.com/myfile.file???

I'm presuming that I have to SSH in to the server using putty, and add it in to the WWW directoroy?

Things I have attempted:

I attempted signing in using WinSCP with host title being my instance's Public DNS, and my private key file the converted PuTTY Gen file which was initially the important thing pair for that instance.

  1. Using SFTP, pressing login it asks me for any user title, entering "user" or "ec2-user" I recieve a mistake saying:

    "disconnected, no supported authentication techniques available (server sent: public key), Server >refused our key. Authentication unsuccessful.

    Using root for that username, it requests a passphrase which i produced for my keypair using PuTTY Gen, It accepts it, however I recieve this error:

    "Received too big (1349281121 B) SFTP packet. Max supported packet dimensions are 1024000 B. The mistake >is typically triggered by message printed from startup script (like .profile). The content may begin >with ""Plea"". Cannot initialize SFTP protocol. May be the host managing a SFTP server?

If in WinSCP I place the username as "user" and also the password as "bitnami" (before I press login) (default wordpress password for bitnami AMI) it provides me with this error:

Disconnected: No supported authentication techniques available (server sent: publickey). Authentication log (see session log for particulars):Using username: "user". Server declined ourkey. Authentication unsuccessful.

  1. I recieve exactly the same errors using SCP rather than SFTP in WinSCP except after i use SCP and that i press login, and that i use username "root" it asks me for my passphrase, after entering which i understand this error:

Connection continues to be suddenly closed. Server sent command exit status . Error missing startup message. Your spend is most likely incompatible using the application (Party is suggested).

If you're already in a position to connect using SFTP. Now you need to simply copy the file. Where you have to copy it rely on what you're attempting to do.

BitNami Wordpress AMI has got the following directory structure (I only range from the relevant sites with this question):

        |-- apache2/htdocs
        |-- apps/wordpress/htdocs

You pointed out that you would like to www.mywebsite.com/myfile.file. Should you did not customize the default apache configuration you will have to copy file in /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs (this is actually the DocumentRoot for that BitNami WordPress AMI.

If you would like that file to become utilized from www.mywebsite.com/wordpress/myfile.file, you will want copying it in /opt/bitnami/applications/wordpress/htdocs.

If what you're attempting to do would be to by hand use a theme or wordpress plugin you are able to stick to the WordPress documentation considering the wordpress installation directory is /opt/bitnami/applications/wordpress/htdocs.

Also, you'll find below some links towards the BitNami Wiki explaining how you can connect with the AMIs. I simply include them like a reference for other customers that discover the same connection issues.