I'm presently creating a simple e-commerce site in django that is extra time for an existing ebay store. Presently we're while using Auctiva solutions, but out of the box apparent by our growth and development of a devoted site, are trying to find to escape from that platform. I'm presently researching hosting solutions both cloud based and traditional hosting that is shared configurations. I've created a obvious listing of needs. Ideally a devoted host with root access, although not necessary, a python and django atmosphere with apache server, as well as mysql. After researching several services including EC2 and RackSpace cloud solutions I've discovered that in the cheapest tier of rack space service I'm able to count on paying about $11 per month. On EC2, however, it may be free. My real question is this, in line with the connection with anybody that has gone so as to will EC2 really be free? Or perhaps in general could it be well worth the effort, I have read their tech support team is poor. Next I have little working experience with this particular kind of factor, I've wants the website growing, but for the time being I am presuming the traffic a minimum of for a while is going to be light, despite light to moderate traffic according to knowledge about an increasing site how lengthy does it take before I will have to upgrade my servers? Just how much would ec2 really cost within the real life?