I am quite a new comer to Amazon . com S3 and searching at a method to secure large about of information on here that'll be utilized by customers via our site.

The problem I've is the fact that I do not exactly what the data on Amazon . com s3 to become public whatsoever so I have to be private but nonetheless accessible via our website.

Presigning each url request is a discomfort as the quantity of new files being utilized and added constantly. I understand there's option http_referer mod ought to be fast and simple, and perhaps in conjunction with very obscure Web addresses (lengthy random codes within the path) that could be enough?

Could they be every other ways in which you can do this acquiring?


S3 provides a chance to sign a picture to ensure that the URL is just valid for any limited time period. You will find more particulars of this here

You will find various ways of handling access as referred to here