I'd a Micro Instance that I produced an AMI Image. Then i upgraded to some Large Instance with this particular Image with you and designated a flexible Ip. I transformed my A Title to suggest towards the new IP and, based on a reverse DNS research service, my DNS seems to possess propagated properly (cranku.com).

I produced an online host for that domain title and restarted apache. And, yet, the domain isn't reacting to my demands. Could I be missing something here?

I'm implementing Django with Mod Wsgi on Apache. I've moved MYSQL to some mounted EBS volume but that appears to become working here (also it done the instance that I produced the AMI). Restarting Apache works (/etc/apache/init.d/restart). Must i configure it in almost any different ways.

Any clues regarding how to proceed?

I'm able to achieve your ssh server around the machine, but tries to achieve the webserver listed here are failing too, in a fashion that makes me think the packets are now being DROPerectile dysfunction instead of REJECTerectile dysfunction. Have you authorized port 80?