I simply integrated a logging concept for my Grails system and used the filter mechanism to log use of my remotes and actions. The positive thing is will be able to define one filter for those controller and actions.

With domain classes I actually do can just learn the interceptor concept where I must write an interceptor for each individual domain class. It is possible to concept much like filters for domain classes where I'm able to define an interceptor for those domain classes?

Thank you ahead of time, Joerg.

UPDATE 1: Appreciate the end around the Audit Logging Wordpress plugin by Stefan. The Audit Logging Wordpress plugin appears like the simplest alternative but produces a lot of rows/logs for my taste and doesn't make use of the grails/log4j logging system.

Presently, my needs are:

  1. Log the place/update/remove for those domain classes (to be able to log just the occurrences, its not all switch to every area/column)

  2. Log towards the Grails logging system (log4j) to be able to log to stdout, individual database tables, or email (The amount may be, e.g., INFO or TRACE)

  3. Log to some special domain class (db table) to be able to develop a log visualization / management system on the top from it (via Grails controller &lifier actions). Here it is always good to configure when the logs have been in exactly the same or any other database/grails-application (to be able to split the log management system afterwards).

So far as I understand an easy "change" logging can be achieved via:

  1. Individual log claims in domain classes (requires place/update/remove occasions in each and every domain class)

  2. Define a "Log" Superclass which gets the place/update/remove occasions (causes it to be tough to make indivudal place/update/remove occasions in special domain classes)

  3. Define a Filter for those remotes only save/update/remove actions (problem: doesn't log changes to domain classes with no controller or maybe multiple domain courses are touched in a single action)

Hope this can help other. Nonetheless, Did I miss something?

Maybe http://world wide web.grails.org/wordpress plugin/audit-logging is exactly what you are searching for.