An amount it decide to try write my very own database system?

I may wish to turn it into a server type system.

Have effective database systems been compiled by one individual?

Short answer, a great deal.

Longer answer there's a lot of stuff to think about, also it requires more detail than could be gone into in a single question. You'd need to cope with data storage, indexing, SQL parsing, the database catalogue, transaction management and lots of other things, including all of the client handling and authentication. Additionally, there are everything I have forgotten, that we expect another person points out.

If you want to create a database system, you are likely to wish to educate yourself many assets, beginning having a bestseller that describes everything at length.

You actually can, whether it's not so difficult. For instance flat-file data storage having a Relaxation interface would likely easily fit in a 1-person scope.

A complete-blown RDBMS that will contend with what's readily available for free? No.

best factor is always to consider the code for other DBs, particularly Free DBs, and then try to determine what is happening.

From that you could exercise what each part does, after which concentrate on the parts you are thinking about, and just how they have been written.

MySQL and PostgreSQL are generally Free. Take a look.


haha, yes, point taken, just searching in the code may be a little overwhelming. There is however certainly some value inside it without a doubt I believe. Plus the one who requested the question might possibly not have known Free DBs. This answer could even point these to search for more compact DBs which will make their source available.

If you are seriously interested in this, Database Systems: The Complete Book (Hector Garcia-Molina, Shaun Ullman, and Jennifer Widom) will explain a lot more than you should know. Writing all individuals components is a nice large commitment even when you are striving for any small system.

If you are not particularly searching to produce a relational database, you might like to browse the source code for CouchDB. It's designed in Erlang and offers a schema-less method of database storage, retrieval and replication. These are merely some from the major features and factors to consider when determining if you wish to make your own database.

Is dependent on what you would like to create, so Let me begin to see the question fleshed out a little. For instance:

Would you like to handle just you and also maybe some client software that you simply control, or would you like a complete general-purpose database engine that might be utilized by many individuals all over the world?

Must it's relational?

Whenever you say "server type system", would you mean the machine would store data in flat files living on the server, or would you mean a customerOrhost architecture?

Do you know the needs for uptime? 24x7? Or perhaps is it ok to accept system lower for any couple of minutes each year?

I sense that you simply are thinking about something simple, but I am unsure what's considered thorough engineering versus over-engineering.