Someone found me and requested me basically could give a form for their Joomla page. I believed this ought to be easy since Joomla is broadly used and the like factor ought to be supported.

I am searching arround for 1,5h now, and that i have given 4 formcreators an attempt but this really is driving me crazy. The editors are very complex for that easiest task I would like. An easy form with:

  • 5 text input
  • 1 radio selection criteria
  • the content a customer transmits.

So I have given virtually up upon formbuilders. It is possible to simple method to have an exterior, self-built super easy php form, in to the contactpage?

Figured it.. Simply upload an exterior file and program an application within the HTML - editor Joomla provides and point the experience towards the submitted file.

You may create your form HTML and paste it in to the component, then place it to email/pop it right into a database. Quite simple as you don't have to make use of the aspect of really produce the HTML.

You will find so many form builder in Joomla you can use any one of them but i'll would rather use chronoform or fabrik