I've got a Ruby on Rails application that requires process many background jobs concurrently: between 5-6 at any given time to as much as 50-60 at any given time with respect to the time. At this time my application is running on Heroku, that charges $.05/hour per worker, no matter just how much CPU or memory the worker is applying. This really is costing us a ton every month... as much as $1200/mo. What are the hosts that will permit me to complete what I am doing for considerably cheaper?

Moving to my very own server was what you want. I am having to pay under $300/month for any machine that may run 40 employees easily. However needing to find out about server administration, but it is much less bad.

If you prefer a massively parallel worker system that you pay for through the second (which means you really pay only for that time your worker is working), take a look at SimpleWorker at http://world wide web.simpleworker.com . I wager it might set you back a part of what it really cost on Heroku and doing the work yourself.

We can also be found like a Heroku add-on.