I moved from the hosting that is shared to some VPS a couple of days ago and I am getting these annoying permission difficulties with WordPress. You realize you are able to download and upgrade plug ins (and wordpress itself) in the admin panel, consider I moved it began asking me my FTP qualifications, that is kinda slow when I must update ~20 plug ins.

I believe this ought to be some type of privileges problem. I looked the hosting that is shared wordpress files, all of them fit in with the username and group kovshenin (kovshenin:kovshenin) and also the files are -rw-r--r-- and also the sites are drwx-r-xr-x.

On my small VPS apache runs under apache:apache and my files are kovshenin:kovshenin. What must i do to ensure they are readable and writable by both kovshenin and apache?

Also, I transformed the permissions to 0777 for those files and folders of my wordpress installation, that permitted me to set up and remove plug ins without FTP, however when I pressed to automatic upgrade to WordPress 2.8.1 still it requested me for my FTP account. Is the fact that a wordpress problem or did I miss something?


Update: I handled to operate id and id world wide web-data around the MediaTemple hosting that is shared. User kovshenin is within group kovshenin, and world wide web-information is in group world wide web-data. Forget about groups. What is the trick?

Another update Okay, I added the apache user towards the kovshenin group, my wordpress files are kovshenin:kovshenin with rw-rw-r-- permissions and drwxrwxr-x permissions on sites, but something continues to be wrong. The consumer apache can access the files and folders, I'm able to make use of the online Styles and Plug ins editor within the wordpress admin panel, I am capable of making changes towards the .htaccess file from inside wordpress, but wordpress plugin/theme installation still asks me for FTP qualifications!

Any ideas? Thanks.

What must i do to ensure they are readable and writable by both kovshenin and apache?

  • Produce a new group, say "wordpress".
  • Add both koveshenin and world wide web-data customers towards the wordpress group.
  • Alter the group owner of all of the files to wordpress (using chgrp).
  • Make certain all of the files are group writeable.
  • Set the g+s (setgid) permission bit on all of the sites of great interest.
  • Make certain kovshenin and apache's default umask includes group read &lifier write permission.

The 2nd last step may be the trick. This means any time kovshenin or apache produces personal files in individuals sites, the audience owner is going to be set to wordpress (rather than kovshenin or apache).

You are able to give possession to world wide web-data based on here.

Run the next command inside your WordPress directory (sudo needed):

sudo chown -Radio wave world wide web-data *

Works best for Apache.

I'd exactly the same problem and that i solved it turning off PHP 'safe_mode' in plesk, now Wordpress can make folders and move files with no problems.

I really hope this assist you to.