What is your opinion, andLinux beta2 + LAMPP 1.7.4 are superior to XAMPP 1.7.4??? (both under home windows, clearly)

Because im presently using joomla 1.6 with andLinux beta2 + LAMPP 1.7.4 and that i do not have the classic XAMPP problems when utilizing joomla like: "JD.. cannot create directory.." "Cannot decompress file"... Forget about permission problems like qualities security tab in NTFS filesystems

Also i'm able to are now using chmod during my LAMPP localhost folders and also the decompression of tar.gz files is very fast. (faster than decompressing on home windows filesystem)

What exactly do you consider?, im right or perhaps is just coincidence?

I'd opt for Xampp for home windows or xampp for linux rather than running xampp for linux on home windows utilizing an emulator/virtaul machine(inside your situation andLinux)