I lately began playing with Android Applications, but I've had only problems looking to get them in to the Virtual Device for testing. For whatever reason, they never appear to display in the AVD. It's labored once, but that is it of hrs spent just attempting to test a couple of quite simple applications.

I have remade the AVD setup many, many occasions, trying different configurations and more with no success. I have adopted multiple guides and lessons towards the letter to have it working, however they just won't display in the list. :(

Any insight could be appreciated, thanks.

I'd begin by testing applications that are recognized to work. Listed here are sixty or so of them.

Particularly, I'd begin with this one. Don't change anything. Don't import it into Eclipse. Just install Apache Ant (should you haven't already), and run ant install within the project directory together with your emulator running.

Either this turns up inside your emulator, or it doesn't.

If it doesn't, try re-installing the whole SDK.

Whether it does, you already know that the base atmosphere is alright, and you will start gradually identifying the variations to determine where situations are failing.

Assisting you is tough at this time since your signs and symptoms are a little generic. Maybe you're using Eclipse and Eclipse is getting an issue. Maybe your adb daemon is getting an issue. Maybe you do not have any activities inside your manifest, therefore the application is really setting up but you will find no symbols within the launcher. And so forth.