I've got a database with 5 posts, 1 column the industry TEXT using the title of the drawable that's /res/drawable folder.

    private void fillData() {

    mCursor = db2.getAllAchievements();

    String[] from = new String[]{achHelper.ROW_NAME, achHelper.ROW_DESCRIPTION, achHelper.ROW_POINTS, achHelper.ROW_TROPHY};

    int[] to = new int[]{R.id.achTitle, R.id.achDescription, R.id.achPoints, R.id.trophy};

    SimpleCursorAdapter classes =
            new SimpleCursorAdapter(this, R.layout.ach_row, mCursor, from, to);

R.id.trophy is really a ImageView, how do i set the backdrop image in line with the data that's being drawn from achHelper.ROW_TROPHY?